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What Will They First Remember?

In Family, Parenthood on February 4, 2014 at 8:17 pm

1.  I always wonder at what point will my son start to remember things.  What actual event will he be able to recall in adulthood?

Will he remember dancing like nobody’s watching?


2.  I worry about this because my son is nearly 4, and I do a lot of weird shit in front of him.  Walking around just in boxers… doing number 2 with the door open…. taking my shower in the nude with him… or taking the shower in the nude with him, then stopping to do number 2, and then continuing to shower with him….

Will he remember being used for cheap labor?


3. The earliest memory that I have are these:

  • Lying on my back on the floor of the… kitchen?  The lights were off, and I was looking up to my mom, who called down to me from the second floor…
  • Running, in the dark, to the outhouse at grandma’s house. Just the memory of running as fast as I can and closing the door…
  • Crying at the front door, with a bag and a towel in my hand.  My mom was there, just watching me.  I think I was crying because I threatened to run away from home, and instead of panicking like I hope my mom would, she actually helped to pack my bags…
  • I remember running along the beach of Kampung Nelayan, when my foot stepped into a shallow hole…  a hole that was used by someone as their toilet the night before…
  • Sharing the use of the toilet with my sister.  We used a squatting toilet, so we had to squat back to back while doing our business…
  • Waiting in my dad’s Proton with my sister before going to kindy.  While we waited, we played with some snails.  I think we actually built some obstacle course for the snails to climb over…

4.    I’m sure there’s more, but those are the ones I remember vividly.  Is there a trigger, or reasons why those particular memories chose to remain?

5.  With these in mind, I wonder what my son will first remember.  Will he remember his mama putting him to sleep?  Will he remember his dad being too busy or lazy to play with him?  Will he remember riding on the bike with his Atok?

6.  I hope, whether the memory is good or bad, he will at least remember that I am around, all the time.


For sure I hope he remembers this!

Eggs are Awesome

In Musings on April 3, 2013 at 4:41 pm

1.  I’ve always had this fascination and curiosity with firsts.  Who’s the first person who ate Durian?  Who’s the first human who actually started to “tumis bawang“?  And, my favorite one:  who is it that first actually ate some eggs?

2.  Just think about it.  Did our ancestors one day, after a tiring day of hunting, stumbled upon a nest of prehistoric chicken eggs and just decided to gobble it up?  And how the hey did they come up with the name “egg”?

3.  Anyway… yeah… eggs.  How awesome are they?  I came to the realization of the awesomeness of eggs during my “bujang” days.  The only days when I had the time, reason and lack of money to actually experiment on those little delicious buggers.

4.  You can fry them.  You can eat them raw.  You can boil and scramble them.  I have scrambled eggs with tuna, with sardines, with anchovies and prawns.  I’ve eaten nothing whole days but eggs in various crazy combinations with vegetables, tofu and soy sauce.  I’ve even once cooked my eggs with protein shake, which ended with a glorious episode of diarrhea and flatulence.

5.  Eggs are awesome.  Eggs are your best friends.  Who is not happy to eat just rice and fried eggs after a day of fasting?  Whoever that can win my heart don’t have to know how to cook some fancy French cuisine or sumptuous Arabic Mandi Rice.  She just needs to know how to make a perfect sunny side up, with the yolk unbroken.

Ayatul Kursi Saves Muslim Girl from Attack?

In Ranting, Religion on June 18, 2012 at 5:54 am


1.  This is a story about the gullibility of Muslims.  OK OK I know anyone regardless of religion, race, age or education level can be stupid, but since I am a Muslim, I want to focus on them.

2.  First, take a look at this article below.  To save you time, it is about how a girl was saved from certain rape by reciting the Ayatul Kursi.  It claimed that the story happened in the USA, to an Asian woman wearing the jilbab.


3.  Now, this story emerged between 2002 – 2008, circulated through emails, Facebook posts, forums  and various other channels.  Here are its doppelgangers:


4.  Similar stories, with small variations.  Notice how the story now happened to a girl in Rochdale, Manchester.  Note how nothing is stated about the girl being Asian or the rapist being a Caucasian.

5. I don’t see anything wrong about these stories, you might say.  These might be true, miracles can happen if you truly believe, you might argue.  Allah is always there to protect those who are “good Muslims”, you might assert.  But allow me to provide some rebuttals:

  • First of all, do you have a concrete proof that these really happened?  Where’s the source?  Or are we just taking it for the truth simply because it sounds good and glorify Islam?
  • Why is there no emphasis on the fact that you should NOT walk through an empty alley alone at night?


6.  Please, the best defense against rape is emphasis on safety, awareness of your surrounding, precaution, and good old common sense.  After all of this has been taken cared of, THEN you can pray and rely on God to protect you.  These stories are an insult to all who were raped or molested, implying they did not pray hard enough, or are not good enough Muslim.  It gave the wrong impression that women wearing modestly will NOT get assaulted. It puts the blame on the victim, instead of the perpetrator.  Heck, these stories are even an insult to my intelligence, with its inconsistencies and bullcrap feel-good endings.

7.  Come on! Do your fucking homework and research before forwarding anything.  False stories circulated are tantamount to lies being spread around.  Come to think about it, why do you even forward things?


Oh by the way, according to Snopes. com, these stories originated from a CHRISTIAN story, which was circulated way back in 2000, here:

How’s that for a kick to the balls?