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Ayatul Kursi Saves Muslim Girl from Attack?

In Ranting, Religion on June 18, 2012 at 5:54 am


1.  This is a story about the gullibility of Muslims.  OK OK I know anyone regardless of religion, race, age or education level can be stupid, but since I am a Muslim, I want to focus on them.

2.  First, take a look at this article below.  To save you time, it is about how a girl was saved from certain rape by reciting the Ayatul Kursi.  It claimed that the story happened in the USA, to an Asian woman wearing the jilbab.


3.  Now, this story emerged between 2002 – 2008, circulated through emails, Facebook posts, forums  and various other channels.  Here are its doppelgangers:


4.  Similar stories, with small variations.  Notice how the story now happened to a girl in Rochdale, Manchester.  Note how nothing is stated about the girl being Asian or the rapist being a Caucasian.

5. I don’t see anything wrong about these stories, you might say.  These might be true, miracles can happen if you truly believe, you might argue.  Allah is always there to protect those who are “good Muslims”, you might assert.  But allow me to provide some rebuttals:

  • First of all, do you have a concrete proof that these really happened?  Where’s the source?  Or are we just taking it for the truth simply because it sounds good and glorify Islam?
  • Why is there no emphasis on the fact that you should NOT walk through an empty alley alone at night?


6.  Please, the best defense against rape is emphasis on safety, awareness of your surrounding, precaution, and good old common sense.  After all of this has been taken cared of, THEN you can pray and rely on God to protect you.  These stories are an insult to all who were raped or molested, implying they did not pray hard enough, or are not good enough Muslim.  It gave the wrong impression that women wearing modestly will NOT get assaulted. It puts the blame on the victim, instead of the perpetrator.  Heck, these stories are even an insult to my intelligence, with its inconsistencies and bullcrap feel-good endings.

7.  Come on! Do your fucking homework and research before forwarding anything.  False stories circulated are tantamount to lies being spread around.  Come to think about it, why do you even forward things?


Oh by the way, according to Snopes. com, these stories originated from a CHRISTIAN story, which was circulated way back in 2000, here:

How’s that for a kick to the balls?


Radio Ga Ga

In Ranting on May 29, 2012 at 9:55 pm

Let me open this entry with the music video below.  You can decide yourself how it connects to the random points I wrote below.  All I want to say is: armpit hair had never been as glorious as minute 1:50.



1.  Each time I switch to a Malay radio station, I would vow to change the station as soon as I hear the word “cinta”.  So oddly enough, I never listen to Malay stations more than 2 minutes.

2.  OK I lie about #1, but am I the only one who thinks “JoHaRa Pagi Era” is better off being just “Johan Pagi Era”?  Are the other two  paid just to add in stupid remarks and laugh annoyingly on cue at “jokes”?  Brainless.

Clowns, and not in a good way.


3.  Why do most radio advertisements end with laughter?  They’ll say something unfunny like:  “Yes! My grandmother too!!”, then end it with everybody laughing happily.  Anybody care to enlighten me?

4.  I grow to hate English accent more and more such that I listen to Lite FM only when a song is playing.

5.  Sorry Gotcha Call, but Krappi Kall wins hands down.  And “Panggilan Hangit” is just shitty.

That’s it for now.  Thanks for listening!  *cue laughter*

Much Ado About the New Year?

In Musings, Ranting on December 31, 2011 at 11:58 pm

1.  Normally seen at around this time of the year: our Facebooks  flooded with wishes of New Year, Happy Holidays, etc.  There will be jokes about resolutions, actual resolutions, and sometimes statements of regrets about not meeting the resolution of the past year.  I think is all quite  natural.  After all, the enthusiasm in welcoming a general celebration is contagious, so it’s normal to be hyped up into the festivities.

2.  Also normally seen:  our Facebooks flooded with statements condemning the celebration of New Year, ridiculing people who are going out to countdowns and concert events, and personally crafted “words of wisdom” from people who feels proud of being apart from the media-controlled masses.  I think this is also quite natural.  After all, holier-than-thou feeling of superiority after lifting one’s self above others is also contagious.

3.  First, let me get one thing straight.  I do not celebrate New Years, in the sense that I normally do not go out for countdowns and parties.  But not because I think celebrating the New Year is ridiculous, not because I think the Gregorian Calendar’s New Year is not for “true Muslims”, and not because I think only fools are tricked into conformity.  I do not celebrate New Years because I am a secretly introverted lazy bum who get nauseous in crowds, who hate driving in Penang’s hellish traffic to get  to a place just to suffocate smelling other’s sweaty armpits, who prefers to contemplate alone at home what I did wrong in 2011 and what I can do better in the next year.  In short, I do not celebrate New Year simply because I think “Hey, I’d be more comfortable celebrating at home on my bed”, and not because I think I am too good for something.

4.  In fact, I love the fireworks.  I love seeing the smiling faces of people being optimistic of the future.  I love being next to loved ones whom I’ll be spending the next years with.  I love the witnessing the festivities, the live bands, the view of people reveling in the fact that they are given another day (and hopefully a full year) to be alive.  And so I totally understand those who want to in the thick of the celebration, shouting out the countdowns with thousands of others, because I know it’s FUN.

5.  All that said, for the New Year, maybe we all can be a bit less judgmental. Maybe we can feel less tendency to begrudge others their freedom to spend a good time with friend and families.  Maybe we don’t have to be proud of our religion all the time, and the need to push what we think about their stupidity down their throats.  Maybe we can be happy for others for a change, and stop being such spoil-sports / party-poopers.

6.  And so, I wish all of my friends and family a happy new year.  May it be a new beginning for you.  And shout out the countdown on my behalf!



Bersih 2.0 – The Chicken and the Duck Syndrome

In Politic, Ranting on July 17, 2011 at 6:31 pm
Chicken and Duck - from

Malaysia: A Nation of Chickens and Ducks

The few weeks leading to , and one week after, the momentous (or devious, depending on which side you are on) Bersih 2.0 march (or riot) , I learned one very important information regarding Malaysians: we are a nation with severe inability to engage in mutually respectful discussion.

Intellectual discourse is dull and boring.  Malaysians generally crave spectacles and fireworks, hence liking speakers who can give the best performances, instead of having the best points.  Who cares about the best agenda and manifestos if they can virtually pulverize an opponent with their sermon?

Recently, an acquaintance brought up her desire to find “sensible threads where people speak with reason, not blind loyalty to the left or the right, nor blind hatred”.  To which I say: Trying to find that in Malaysia? Good luck with that, my friend.  The only sensible voice of reason in Malaysia is the pakcik making the Raya announcement.  And he also has retired.

Raya - taken from

Seriously, who can argue with this?


Jokes and cynicism aside, here are what I am looking for.  Alongside with what my friend are hoping for, I also hope for more people to  “Seek first to understand, and then to be understood“.  For people to be able to be on opposite sides without putting negative labels on each other.  For people to agree to disagree.  For people to debate based on the issue at hand, not along party lines.

These may all sound cliché, but they simply are not happening!  Ask yourself, to what end do you argue?  Is it to bend other people to agree with you?  To make other people submit to your definition of reality?

Or, are you trying to emphatically understand other’s point of view, their motivation and evidences for taking a stand, their anger and fear regarding an issue, WITHOUT trying first to think on how you would reply to their accusations and defend your points?  And, after understanding where people are coming from (even if not the same as you), to agree that they are still human and worthy of basic respect?

If the latter part is true, why are we seeing the tendency to demonize others who dissent?  Why the accusations that all BN supporters are sheep brainwashed by the mainstream media?  That all PR supporters actually worship Anwar and are agents of Jew and the US?

Why the habit of shutting off your ears from their words as soon as you know the person you are talking to supports another party?

More sinister are those people who actually understand EXACTLY what the other side is  saying and, far from trying to foster constructive discussion, try to poison and manipulate to support the own points.  Sadly, this is what the majority of politicians are doing.  That’s why I am telling you not to decide along party lines, but based on the issue at hand!

How many of us, without reading any opinion pieces, blogs or FB status updates, try to gather pieces of information and form our own opinion?  For a lot of us, because we form opinions based on our peers and not from our own convictions and values, we don’t like to face anything that challenge our assumptions.

That’s why, in the end, the chickens will continue to cluck cluck cluck, and the ducks keep on quack quack quacking, and will never find a common ground because they don’t bother to learn the other’s language.


My challenge to Malaysians:  Open a blog/website which support another party, and try to read their points without any preconceived notion.   Go through the article without labeling the author in a negative light.  See if you can, after reading, list down and summarize their points to another person in an objective manner and without balking in disgust.  And after that, see if you can counter the argument point by point without resorting to ad hominem or any other fallacies in argument.

If we can, perhaps, there’s some hope for us as a nation after all.