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Tadika Mayang Pasir 88/89

In Musings on November 17, 2011 at 6:19 pm

1.  I don’t actually remember the exact year I went to this kindergarten.  Perhaps my parents can confirm the year?

2.  Anyway, the reason I am posting this is because I am wondering what the other kids are doing now.  How did they turned out to be,  where they are working/living. 

I might have the biggest head in the class.


3.  Not that I can even remember them.  The kid in yellow in this picture below, for example, was my best friend in kindy, and I can’t even recall his name. 

Kawaaaiiiii Ne?


4.  And the girl at the bottom left was my first ever crush.  At a time when I am still wetting my bed occasionally, I already have a crush.  Go figure.

5.  So whoever is reading this, and have an inkling of who these kids are, just give me a buzz okay?


Job Fair Rant

In Musings on November 14, 2011 at 3:24 pm
1.  I spent half day both Saturday and Sunday last week in PISA, Penang, for the 10th Penang Career and Postgraduate Expo.  B. Braun had a booth there, and it was the second time I joined a career fair as an exhibitor.  Here are some pics of some of the more interesting booths from the expo.

You'd be surprised how much they have to fork up for one of these booths.


But what I wanted to talk about is related to the people who goes to job fairs.  Although my stint as an exhibitor is so far only for two events, I have recognised the pattern, and I think I would be able to give out some basic advice to job seekers.  And since this is a rant, I would focus more on the problematic things I experienced.

2.  Firstly,  don’t simply come to me and ask ” what vacancies do you have?”.  I would always answer by “well, what are you looking for?”.  Isn’t it better to say “Hi, I am a graduate in proctology, do you have any opening for that?” (opening, ha ha), so that I know you know what you want.  Some would come and ask, “what positions do you have?”, which is a more perplexing question because although I know they meant only the open positions available, I am always tempted to answer “Positions?  We have all sorts of positions in the company, but it will be a long list.  Do you have the time to listen to me list them all?”.  In short, those question makes me think that you are just fishing for anything in the sea.  Maybe you can be specific on what you are looking for?


Part of the team - Zul, Faizal, Nazwal and meself. Yes we are all hunks in BMI hahaha

3.  Some candidates would come with their parents to the job fair.  That’s fine in itself, but some of them would have the parents  ask all the questions.  There was this one guy who  just stood there, unsmiling, behind his mom, while the lady bombarded me with this question and that.  And each time I tried to redirect my counter-questions and answers to the guy, the mom would jump in on his behalf.  I know for a fact he was not mute because as soon as they were done, they chatted straightaway while walking away to repeat the same stunt at another company’s booth.
 4.  Connected to # 3, smile-lah when you talk to me.  Isn’t that a basic thing?  You looked like you were forced to be there.  For some reason, this was usually the problem with some of the prettier girls.  Perhaps me being all smiley and polite scared them a bit?
Well, I did look a bit creepy here in this photo.


5.  Lastly, a few people came and berated me with:  “Why-lah, I have sent my applications many times already bla bla bla.  Why you don’t call me for interview?”.  I sincerely find it hard to answer that question without being patronizing, along the line of “Umm maybe because you are not shortlisted for an interview?”.

6.  Also, perhaps it’s better not to come to me and say “I want to apply for a job in your company.  Ummm, what does this company do?”.

7.  In summary, it wouldn’t hurt to do a bit of homework, and research on the company you are applying to, instead of giving your resume all willy-nilly, and hoping one would catch. The employers would take a closer look at you if you can actually impress on them that you are there to the job fair specifically to apply to their company.  Although it might be a lie, you would surely stand out from the pack.

The Road Not Taken

In Musings on November 9, 2011 at 12:25 pm

1.  Major decisions in life will always leave you asking “what if?”.  Hell, even a small decision will get you going “Dang, if only I went for the Samsung Galaxy  S II instead of my crappy iPhone 4”.

2.  We can call this the “Road not Taken”, as per the famous poem by Robert Frost.  It existed in multiple incarnations in our lives:  The “that one cute guy that got away” road, The “I wonder how I’ll turn up if I go to a certain University instead of UIUC” street, or The “if only I didn’t sleep with the skank” alleyway. 

I'll choose the one that does not lead to a serial rapist, thank you.

3.  Worse still, if the decision is accompanied by a deep feeling of regret, of wanting to turn back the clock, and the helpless despair of knowing full well that you can’t, that the road is a one way street.

4.  One would assume the same thing happened to me recently, what with my job hopping, and my passage into Human Resource.  One might  ask: What if you stick with AMD?  What if you follow the great path in purchasing, perhaps to a brighter future highway in Supply Chain?  What if you did not resign to take care of your son?

5.  I did sit down for a few minutes to think about it, and surprisingly, this latest major decision is not one of those cases of regret.  I am reveling in my decision of not going back to my previous workplace, and also my decision to reject offers by a few other companies.  And I am totally happy that I took the time to babysit Hamzah, which now might by one of the best times of my life.

6.  To commemorate this realization (hey, it’s not often that I make a totally good decision haha), here’s a collage of pictures of my time here in B. Braun so far.  Let’s pray for more of these to come!