Firdaus Tarmizi

About The Lonely Goatherd

Seems like he's not THAT lonely, huh? Geez I have such a twisted sense of humor.

The inspiration for the name of the blog is from here, which is from one of my favorite musicals.  I am sorry I don’t have any significant philosophical reason for the title.  I just love the song, and also because all of Beatles’ songs are already used as blog titles.

As for the REASON this blog exists…

At the point this is written, I am in my third decade of life, a decade which I think might be truly a mixed bag of awesomeness and complete disaster.  At one point in the year 2011, I came to the simple realization that I should not allow the disasters to continue in my next decades of life.

I am, so to speak, taking the first and second habit from Covey’s pages, to take more control of my life.  Specifically, this blog will act as my both my record and blueprint in beginning to reach the end that I have in my mind.  “Everything is created twice”,  so I am creating it first in here, before translating them to reality.

Well, enough seriousness.

What YOU will get, dear readers, are my ramblings in various topics such as my fitness routines, lists of my favorite things (movies, books, songs), opinion pieces on politic and social issues, family and parenthood, and maybe some occasional videos of me putting the smackdown on my son, all while I am slowly putting the ticks next to items in my “things to achieve” list.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my growth (and hiccups along the way), as much as I’ll enjoy the pain of growing up.

Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo!

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