Firdaus Tarmizi

Eggs are Awesome

In Musings on April 3, 2013 at 4:41 pm

1.  I’ve always had this fascination and curiosity with firsts.  Who’s the first person who ate Durian?  Who’s the first human who actually started to “tumis bawang“?  And, my favorite one:  who is it that first actually ate some eggs?

2.  Just think about it.  Did our ancestors one day, after a tiring day of hunting, stumbled upon a nest of prehistoric chicken eggs and just decided to gobble it up?  And how the hey did they come up with the name “egg”?

3.  Anyway… yeah… eggs.  How awesome are they?  I came to the realization of the awesomeness of eggs during my “bujang” days.  The only days when I had the time, reason and lack of money to actually experiment on those little delicious buggers.

4.  You can fry them.  You can eat them raw.  You can boil and scramble them.  I have scrambled eggs with tuna, with sardines, with anchovies and prawns.  I’ve eaten nothing whole days but eggs in various crazy combinations with vegetables, tofu and soy sauce.  I’ve even once cooked my eggs with protein shake, which ended with a glorious episode of diarrhea and flatulence.

5.  Eggs are awesome.  Eggs are your best friends.  Who is not happy to eat just rice and fried eggs after a day of fasting?  Whoever that can win my heart don’t have to know how to cook some fancy French cuisine or sumptuous Arabic Mandi Rice.  She just needs to know how to make a perfect sunny side up, with the yolk unbroken.

  1. You haven’t post anything for nearly 10 month, and suddenly its about…egg?

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