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Much Ado About the New Year?

In Musings, Ranting on December 31, 2011 at 11:58 pm

1.  Normally seen at around this time of the year: our Facebooks  flooded with wishes of New Year, Happy Holidays, etc.  There will be jokes about resolutions, actual resolutions, and sometimes statements of regrets about not meeting the resolution of the past year.  I think is all quite  natural.  After all, the enthusiasm in welcoming a general celebration is contagious, so it’s normal to be hyped up into the festivities.

2.  Also normally seen:  our Facebooks flooded with statements condemning the celebration of New Year, ridiculing people who are going out to countdowns and concert events, and personally crafted “words of wisdom” from people who feels proud of being apart from the media-controlled masses.  I think this is also quite natural.  After all, holier-than-thou feeling of superiority after lifting one’s self above others is also contagious.

3.  First, let me get one thing straight.  I do not celebrate New Years, in the sense that I normally do not go out for countdowns and parties.  But not because I think celebrating the New Year is ridiculous, not because I think the Gregorian Calendar’s New Year is not for “true Muslims”, and not because I think only fools are tricked into conformity.  I do not celebrate New Years because I am a secretly introverted lazy bum who get nauseous in crowds, who hate driving in Penang’s hellish traffic to get  to a place just to suffocate smelling other’s sweaty armpits, who prefers to contemplate alone at home what I did wrong in 2011 and what I can do better in the next year.  In short, I do not celebrate New Year simply because I think “Hey, I’d be more comfortable celebrating at home on my bed”, and not because I think I am too good for something.

4.  In fact, I love the fireworks.  I love seeing the smiling faces of people being optimistic of the future.  I love being next to loved ones whom I’ll be spending the next years with.  I love the witnessing the festivities, the live bands, the view of people reveling in the fact that they are given another day (and hopefully a full year) to be alive.  And so I totally understand those who want to in the thick of the celebration, shouting out the countdowns with thousands of others, because I know it’s FUN.

5.  All that said, for the New Year, maybe we all can be a bit less judgmental. Maybe we can feel less tendency to begrudge others their freedom to spend a good time with friend and families.  Maybe we don’t have to be proud of our religion all the time, and the need to push what we think about their stupidity down their throats.  Maybe we can be happy for others for a change, and stop being such spoil-sports / party-poopers.

6.  And so, I wish all of my friends and family a happy new year.  May it be a new beginning for you.  And shout out the countdown on my behalf!



  1. Happy new year old friend.. haven’t heard from you in a while…

    Just saying… we should be proud of our religion, but i do agree on the party-poopers thingy. Then again, we are oblige to at least say something (the lowest form of resistance to sin I was told) and yes… your grave is STILL your grave.

    From one lazy bum to another, its great to be at home this time of year!

    • Falil!

      MY first thought was.. biar betul ko still guna shondown as your email. Ni guna since sekolah rendah kan? Coolness!

      Anyway, about being “proud”, that’s a mild way to put it. I actually meant “don’t be too superior about your religion all the time”.

      Let’s lepak when I balik Ipoh one of these days!

  2. Lepak? Gotcha…
    Then again… aku cuti tak macam org la… the “privileges” of working in shift man…
    Shondown is not my email… its now… so I can have all the spam push directly to my phone! It ROXX!

  3. nice blog and nice entry(s).

    “here come the sun…tu tu tu tu”

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