Firdaus Tarmizi

The Road Not Taken

In Musings on November 9, 2011 at 12:25 pm

1.  Major decisions in life will always leave you asking “what if?”.  Hell, even a small decision will get you going “Dang, if only I went for the Samsung Galaxy  S II instead of my crappy iPhone 4”.

2.  We can call this the “Road not Taken”, as per the famous poem by Robert Frost.  It existed in multiple incarnations in our lives:  The “that one cute guy that got away” road, The “I wonder how I’ll turn up if I go to a certain University instead of UIUC” street, or The “if only I didn’t sleep with the skank” alleyway. 

I'll choose the one that does not lead to a serial rapist, thank you.

3.  Worse still, if the decision is accompanied by a deep feeling of regret, of wanting to turn back the clock, and the helpless despair of knowing full well that you can’t, that the road is a one way street.

4.  One would assume the same thing happened to me recently, what with my job hopping, and my passage into Human Resource.  One might  ask: What if you stick with AMD?  What if you follow the great path in purchasing, perhaps to a brighter future highway in Supply Chain?  What if you did not resign to take care of your son?

5.  I did sit down for a few minutes to think about it, and surprisingly, this latest major decision is not one of those cases of regret.  I am reveling in my decision of not going back to my previous workplace, and also my decision to reject offers by a few other companies.  And I am totally happy that I took the time to babysit Hamzah, which now might by one of the best times of my life.

6.  To commemorate this realization (hey, it’s not often that I make a totally good decision haha), here’s a collage of pictures of my time here in B. Braun so far.  Let’s pray for more of these to come!

  1. 🙂 all the best in BMI..

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