Firdaus Tarmizi

The Hills are Alive! (Part 4)

In Musical Films, Reviews on August 14, 2011 at 6:49 pm

Note:  This is the fourth installment of the 7-part series.  You can read the rest of the series here.

Movie:  Chicago

Chicago Poster - from wikipedia

Be infamous!


The movie “Chicago” is one of the few modern musical films that I actually like, the other being “Rent”, which I will write about in another entry.  Other films such as Hairspray, Moulin Rouge and High School Musical might be OK, but they didn’t have that extra factor that managed to get them into my list of 7.  The factor that I’m talking about is simple:  catchy, memorable songs (yes, yes I know, it’s totally subjective, but I can totally back up my claims)


Favorite Song: We Both Reached for the Gun

It’s a close tie between this, and Cell Block Tango, but I simply have to give it to We Both Reached for the Gun, if only because it is so fun to sing along to.


I remembered when my wife and I went on our 9 hour long road trip from Illinois to Pennsylvania, and we repeated this song again and again and again, while trying to learn the chorus part:  “oh yes oh yes oh yes we both oh yes we both oh yes we both reached for the gun the gun the gun the gun oh yes we both reached for the gun, for the gun!”.  Suffice to say, we didn’t get bored the whole length of the trip.

I love how the songs in Chicago is intertwined with the story-telling and of course, the puppet sequence is totally noteworthy.  Described perfectly the “court of public opinion” scenario happening in Malaysia: how a sensational  story and the media can sway public opinion even before a case is heard in court.


Special mention:  Mr Cellophane

This might be the only song that injected the needed sad/heartbreak emotion into the otherwise fun movie.  The scene might be seen as comedic, but the lyrics, John C. Reilly’s great acting and lastly, the pain in Amos’ voice (check out his face at 5:00), totally made me feel like giving him a hug.  This song also showed how emotional, soulful singing is always better than technical, screamy and diva-like over-singing (I’m looking at you, Celine Dion).



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