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The Case Against Dining Out

In Health and Fitness on July 20, 2011 at 10:38 pm

1.  I am going to do something that will make me very unpopular, and could even be seen as blasphemous to some people.  But I do hope my dear readers would at least hear me out before coming to my house and burning it down.

Here goes.

I am urging, even though we are living in Malaysia, the gastronomical center of heavenly cuisines, and even though I am myself in Penang, the epicenter of culinary delights, for my dear brothers and sisters… to start appreciating home cook meals and to NOT EAT OUTSIDE ALL THE TIME.

*cue the boos and throwing of rotten vegetables*

*dodges a stalk of choy sum* Wait wait!  I am just saying, you should not go eat nasi kandar and fast food every single day.  And to stop drinking all those nasty carbonated drinks.  Not such a tough request, isn’t it?

*ducks to avoid flying chairs and tomato missiles*

2.  Perhaps I should start with my own experience in the sinful world of pigging out on unhealthy crap.  4 months after graduation, I got a job in AMD as a buyer in a shared services center.  Being in a global department, I had to work permanent night shift (10pm – 6am).  Since the break time is at 1am-2am, you can guess which eateries were open at those hours; yes, the nasi kandars and the fast food joints.

3.  So, I started my journey of gorging on roti telur bawang kuah banjir and KFC’s Zinger Burger.  On mee goreng + telur mata taruk atas and Spicy Chicken McDeluxe.  On tandoori chicken and Big Mac, large fries and large coke.  Nearly every single night (or morning).  I was enjoying myself, after being free of the bland and unexciting food of the United States.

And I gained 15 kg in less than one year.

Pelita- from

The evil corporation selling the irresistibly delicious sup kambing


4.  That’s right folks, I grew sideways from 65 kg to 80 kg in a matter of months.  And don’t get the facts wrong.  I was not at all a couch potato in any measure:  I exercised quite regularly, after signing up at a gym, and could last at least half an hour on the rowing machine before continuing to lift weights for another half an hour.  But the combination of (maybe) the lack of good night sleep, and constant influx of high calorie, sugar and salt, led to my spare tire growing non-stop like Jack’s magic beanstalk.

5.  The simple fact is, the food prepared in eateries are expected to be delicious and scrumptious.  You stop by at the nasi kandar joints and expect flavorful, big generous portions of gravy and oily meals, topped up with refreshing big glass of Teh Ais.  Before you know it, you add-on the A.B.C, another small plate of fried chicken and another can of Mirinda Orange, the longer you lepak at the place.


Yummm..... mouth-watering dinner in a pretty, attractive package. Also known as "1500 calories you will need to burn through 2 hours of running."


6.  How do you expect they made all the above, especially the processed meat, beef patties and sodas, to taste so good, and could last for a long time (to be transported and in storage)?  And why do you think you can’t just seem to stop yearning for that plate of meggi goreng and char kuey teow?

7.  The answer lies in the unholy trinity of sugar, salt and CALORIES.  Yes, the cheerful clogger of blood veins, the brave partner in increasing your blood pressure, the silent reason you thirst for more sugar-laden soda even though you have just drunk a bottle of it (answer: it’s due to the high salt content in the burger you just ate).  A few years of these unchecked, and you’ll be finding yourself browsing the XXXL section of the department store.

obese- from

This could be you in 5 years.


8.  I think that should tidy things up.  I hate to sound so preachy, but hey, I hope I am doing you some good.  My deepest wish is to be able to watch my grandson graduate from college and get married and get babies of their own, all thanks to a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet.  And I hope to see you there too, sitting next to me, watching your own great-grandchildren taking their first steps.

And if me getting bashed over the head by an eggplant is what it takes to get this message across, then so be it.  You’ll thank me someday!

9.  Lastly, something for you to fill your time with.  It’s long and boring, just like my post, but filled to the brim with good info.

  1. baiklah 😉

    i’ve started exercising regularly since last week *pat pat*
    sugar intake belum terkawal lagi hoho
    sebab masih ketagih iced nescafe, at least once a day.
    klu ade nescafe kat rumah, surely malam pun minum. haih..
    any suggestions?

    • maybe slowly kurangkan gula in the nescafe la kut. but if your sugar intake is within the daily limit, still OK what.
      kalau minum kat rumah OK sikit, sebab at least we know how much we are putting in. kalau kat luar yang susah sikit tu.
      and drink plenty of water la I guess.
      good job on the exercising! mari kurus sama2 by raya hahahaha

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