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The Hills are Alive! (Part 1)

In Musical Films, Reviews on July 8, 2011 at 10:03 am

Now I would only have to find me a hill to be alive on. And that dress.

This is a long post.

One of the things I would have to thank my parents for is them filling my childhood with songs and wonders by way of books, stories and movies.  And not ordinary movies at that, my early days are bright with songs and dances of musical films.

As a nod to that, I’ll be writing 7 parts of my top 7 list of my favorite songs from 7 of my top musical films.  Special mentions will also be given to some songs that I feel have other significance for me.

1.  Movie:  Fiddler on the roof

Favorite Song:  If I Were a Rich Man.

Why? I just cannot resist the shimmy that he did.  The best part of the lyric for me is around 4:00, where he says something along the line of being able to spend more time praying and learning about religion if he’s rich.  Now isn’t that profound?  How many of us left really wants to become rich just to be closer to God?

Special mention:  The Chava Sequence.

Man, I can’t watch this without shedding a tear or ten.  I’m a pansy I know, but that part was so deep emotionally:  to have all the emotions of Tevye losing her daughters.  The story is told to through a ballet sequence starting from 2:20 – the mother bringing little Chaveleh into the world, to play with her two sisters.  The violin comes in when they start to dance together (2:58), maybe to depict their traditional upbringing.  It starts to become REALLY sad when one by one the daughters are taken away by other men.  The fiddler at 3:42, trying to call Chava back to “tradition”, only to have her turning back to her Christian boy, would explain Tevye’s  act of disowning Chava.

“If I try and bend that far, I’ll break.”

Just go ahead and enjoy the sequence.  If you do not feel like crying after watching it, you either were built of stronger material than me, or you are just a heartless monster.

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